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सुपरफास्ट सट्टा मटका लाइव परिणाम के लिए तैयार हैं...


Satta Matka Result Live & Satka Matak Com In All Satta Matka Marketmatka jodi fix Ank With Best Matka Boss Otg Like Matka Guessing 143 सट्टा मटका दुनिया में सबसे तेज मटका परिणाम देखने के लिए बने रहे डीपीबॉस से भी पहले
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(01:00 PM 02:00 PM)


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"Matka Final Ank" is given from Matka office. From SattaMatka Office gave the Final Matka Number only for bookies, but we made revelations in public. This number never comes on open and close, but at today's time, sometimes it comes to the open. Everyday Morning 9:00 Pm Daily Update Kalyan Matka Final ank, Main Bazar Final ank, Milan Matka Final Number, Rajdhani Satta Final Ank, And Kalyan Night Final ank Officially Publish By

Market Final Ank
Sridevi 1
Time Bazar 9
Madhur Day 4
Rajdhani Day 5
Milan Day 5
Kalyan 7
Market Final Ank
Sridevi Night 7
Madhur Night 8
Milan Night 6
Rajdhani Night 3
Kalyan Night 4
Main Bazar 5
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DATE - 09/08/2022

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Free Open To Close
Open: 4-9-7-3
Jodi: 42-47-92-97-79-70-31-35
Panna: 680-360-250-490

Time Bazar

Free Open To Close
Open: ( 1 )-3-7-9 CLOSE PASS
Jodi: 12-10-35-34-75-76-91-93
Panna: 245-346-278-135
Passing: ( 1 ) CLOSE PASS

Madhur Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 2-( 6 )-8-0 OPEN PASS
Jodi: 23-25-60-69-80-89-08-06
Panna: 679-367-125-145
Passing: ( 6 ) OPEN PASS

Milan Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 5-9-3-8
Jodi: 53-54-90-97-35-36-80-81
Panna: 357-469-247-189

Rajdhani Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 2-7-0-5
Jodi: 24-21-79-76-03-04-58-59
Panna: 230-240-260-250
Passing: 138-160-389-267


Free Open To Close
Open: 6-4-0-( 8 ) OPEN PASS
Jodi: 64-65-46-47-06-01-86-87 JODI RUNNING
Panna: 240-680-190-369
Passing: ( 8 ) OPEN PASS

Nandi Bazar

Free Open To Close
Open: 3_8_9_4
Jodi: 34_39_89_84_43_48_98_93
Panna: 139_189_149_469

Sridevi Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-2-3-9
Jodi: 14-15-24-27-36-35-97-91
Panna: 290-480-120-270

Madhur Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 4-9-8-1
Jodi: 42-43-97-98-80-89-12-14
Panna: 347-126-459-246

Milan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-3-8
Jodi: 12-13-67-68-31-35-80-86
Panna: 579-150-148-369

Rajdhani Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 6-3-8-2
Jodi: 65-67-34-35-89-80-21-25
Panna: 899-256-567-237

Kalyan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-5-6-0
Jodi: 12-19-57-58-67-64-03-02
Panna: 489-348-367-578

Main Bazar

Free Open To Close
Open: 7-8-0-5
Jodi: 70-74-81-80-01-04-56-54
Panna: 179-170-280-168

Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From 08-08-2022 To 14-08-2022 For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani, Time, Main Bazar, Mumbai Royal Night











Weekly Line Open Or Close From 08-08-2022 To 14-08-2022 For Kalyan, Milan, Kalyan Night, Rajdhani, Time, Main Bazar, Mumbai Royal Night

Mon. 4-9-0-5

Tue. 2-7-1-6

Wed. 3-8-0-5

Thu. 1-6-2-7

Fri. 2-7-3-8

Sat. 0-5-4-9

Sun. 1-6-4-9

Weekly Jodi Chart From 08-08-2022 To 14-08-2022 For Kalyan Milan Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Time, Main Bazar, Mumbai Royal Night Market







सोम 2 589 3 788 4 112 6 123
23 32 46 64
मंगल 4 400 6 222 7 250 8 666
46 64 78 87
बुध 3 779 4 400 7 890 9 568
34 43 79 97
गुरु 4 220 7 377 8 134 9 117
47 74 89 98
शुक्र 3 580 7 133 8 189 9 333
37 73 89 98
शनि 5 339 7 700 8 567 9 450
57 75 89 98
सोम 3 247 7 340 8 990 9 379
37 73 89 98
मंगल 5 249 6 123 7 340 9 577
56 65 79 97
बुध 0 118 1 3 470 5 256 230
01 10 35 53
गुरु 5 500 7 160 8 125 9 199
57 75 89 98
शुक्र 2 499 6 178 7 160 8 459
26 62 78 87

Matka Jodi Chart

Matka Panel Chart

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The SattaMatka is the term for a lottery number in India. Matka depends on the conventional Indian lottery game. In India there are different lottery games; Be that as it might, the Matka game is notable. Matka wagers on a speculative game where the numbers are drawn from a speculating report and all that our SattaMatka.fix bunch accommodates free.Matka Jodi fix A free round of Satta matka being conveyed online to everyone today by King Kalyan Matka Satta. The class follows Open, Close, Jodi, Board and Sangam precisely as indicated by this assumption. By 2022, our position gathering will transport a free Matka society bunch game. Each Matka is related with the Compensation Lottery.In India, the work lottery is also established on Matka speculating.The two games rely upon construe and karma; regardless, Matka is more prevalent. Satta Matka. give satta matka dpboss, sattamatka, matka, matka chief, supervisor matka, Satta Matka, Satta, Matka, dpboss matka,Sattamatkavip, Kalyan matka, Boss Matka, satta matka kalyan mumbai, indian, kalyan record, Mumbai Fix Game, sattamatka134, Matka Jodi, Satta Night, matka satta, indian matka, indian manager matka, kalyan, Matka Jodi fix, Matka result, Dpboss, SattaMatka Vip, MatkaGuessing, Kalyan Tips, Matka Game, satta, Satta batta, Sattamatka143, matka manager otg, satta matka result, Fix Matka, Jodi and Panel Chart, Tara Matka, Live Results, Kalyan Open Jodi, Satta Market, Satta Tips, Golden Matka, Fastest Matka Results, Kalyan Panel Chart, Matka Guessing 143, Satta King, Time Bazar, Indian Matka, Matka Boss, Sattaking 143 Guessing, kalyan night board graph, Matka 420, Matka Number, Satta Batta, supervisor matka, Kalyan Matka. matka supervisor 440, kalyan fix 2 ank, Fix Matka, Satta Matka. chief, kalyan graph open, sattaking143 speculating kalyan. sattamatka mobi, satta matta matka, kalyan matka, matka chief, Matka, supervisor matka result, dpboss 143 speculating discussion kalyan, Kalyan Jodi, Kalyan open to close, kalyan matka, kalyan diagram 2018, Kalyan fix single jodi, matka result, kalyan graph kalyan outline, Kalyan open, manager matka 420, kalyan close. Satta Matka. Tezz, Satta Matka, www sattamatka mobi, Satta, Matka, Kalyan Chart Kalyan Open, Dpboss, Matka Results, fix sattamatka mobi, sattamatka mobi, sattamatka mobi result, http sattamatka mobi, application sattamatka mobi, kalyan fix 2 ank, sattamatka com mobi, sattamatka mobi in, Satta Matka Lucky Number Software - the accompanying satta matka point Could Easily Be Applied To Greatly Increase Your success chances in satta matka market on Odds to significantly number to comprehend the Nuance Of the game and the method for wagering sattamatka. you'll Winner In Satta Matka. number. this is frequently a matka sattamatka134 Of Luck And Where you'll Have the get To Win. by Lucky Number Matka Tips Today by and large Satta Matka Result Markets Is Calculated upheld Matka Guessing 143. We Calculate All Satta Numbers From kalyan satta, Matka Chart, dpboss, Today's fortunate numbers to Today Fix Game satta matka Kalyan in 2022, Satta Matka Lucky Number. Prabhat Matka, Milan Matka Chart, Matka Game, satta fortunate number, Satta Jodi Weekly, Kalyan Main Mumbai Matka, kalyan graph, aaj ka fortunate number kalyan, Today Fix Game Satta Matka Lucky Number, kalyan fortunate number open, principal ratan fortunate number, matka speculating, kalyani fortunate number, kalyan satta market is the best matka marketplace on the planet. you will utilize all tips and deceives effectively and principal graph Mumbai Matka, Golden Matka, Tara Matka. We update all Matka Results Matka Numbers, Matka Gambling can be a philosophy to assist you the most straightforward time with requiring risk, it doesn't be guaranteed to imply that you will A Whenever you win, yet you increment your possibilities by something, this week after week matka page will show all your fortunate Satta Matka number following

Important Questions (FAQs) related to Satta matta Matka

  • How to open satta batta? The number picked by people is sent from the little bookie to the greater bookie and subsequently to its regulatory focus by the greater bookie, where the most un-paid satta matka matka is opened by the structure by picking that number.
  • Where could the administrative center of Satta Batta be? The regulatory focus of Satta Batta can be any spot, with respect to which there is no cautious information, in any case, in many reports, its managerial focus has been maintained to be in Mumbai.
  • Who is the proprietor of Satta Matka Kalyan? Both Ratan Khatri and Kalyan ji are known Satta King for example proprietor of Satta Matka Kalyan.
  • Satta Matka Kalyan began from which country? Bharat
  • Who presently runs Satta Matka Kalyan? Despite the fact that Satta Matka Kalyan was begun by Kalyan ji and afterward Ratan Khatri, however in the present time, Satka Matka Kalyan is run from its principal office. In view of security reasons, the name of the owner of Satta Matka isn't known, in any case, its essential delegates, experts realize every one of the information in regards to the owner of Satta Matka Kalyan.
  • What are the essential things you ought to be aware of Satta Games? Satta was begun by Ratan Khatri. Matka was at first familiar with incorporate betting on the opening and closing speeds of cotton sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange, what began in Mumbai in 1960 by Kalyanji Bhagat. In this, it was surveyed at which rate it could open and at which rate it very well may be closed? It was closed in 1961 by the New York Cotton Exchange. Worli Matka was introduced by Kalyan Bhagat in the year 1962, following two years in 1964, Ratan Khatri introduced New Worli Matka, in which minor changes were made in the standards of the satta matka fix, which were even more agreeable to the larger part. The Matka game played by both ended up being very notable and is at this point played by innumerable people. This game has been confined by the public power, at this point notwithstanding this, people play it hiding away from the eyes of the law. We don't endorse you to play such games using any and all means.
  • Why individuals are so inquisitive about these golden satta matka? Matka Satka is a customary round of India that turned out to be exceptionally well known among individuals during the 90s. Right away, it was played detached by all individuals. Regardless, nowadays its omnipresence has bit by bit lessened due to the going with reasons:
    1. Individuals have numerous different choices for this game.
    2. Everybody loves to win more cash in a brief time frame.
    3. Individuals love testing mind games that make them stock in one spot.
  • How does the pot of supervisor Matka open? The number that opens in supervisor Matka is opened from its administrative center itself. Assume the base camp Mumbai, first the number put by you goes to the little bookie. All of the little bookies send these selected numbers to the gigantic bookies. Then every one of the huge bookies gather the information of these numbers and send it to the fundamental office of Satta Matta Matka.
  • At the same time, the data of this brought money and number is separated. By and by the money is viewed as on the most un-number. The number on which less money is contributed, that number is picked. This opened number is given to the bookie and this number shows up at everyone.
    In Matka Satka, you probably heard or seen many such terms, the most significant of which is "Matka", aside from this, many terms like the single, Jodi, Patti, SP, DP, Boss Matka, TP, and so forth are utilized in Satta Matka Game, which is about underneath. Has been given:
    • (Matka): "Matka" is gotten from "earthen pot", as in previous times such utensils were utilised to draw ranges.
    • Single: Any digit some place in the scope of 0 and 9 used in betting has a spot with Single.
    • Jodi/Pair: Any sets of two digits some place in the scope of 00 and 99 is known as a Jodi/Pair (eg: 73).
    • Patti/Panna: When three digits are consolidated as a betting outcome, then, these three-digit numbers are called Patti/Panna. Essentially a set number of 3 digit numbers are utilized.
    • Open result/close result: Matka betting outcome is isolated into two areas. The hidden section is relegated "Open Result" and the following part is requested "Close Result".
    • SP/DP/TP: SP signifies "Single Patti", as in 345; DP signifies "Twofold Patti", as in 335; And TP addresses Triple Patti, as 333;
    • CP (Cycle Patti): The last two digits of the Patti are called cycle Patti or CP (for example in case Patti is 257, cycle Patti is 57)
    • Farak: The difference between the close by result and the open result is arranged "Farak"; (For example if the Jodi/match is 39, 9-3 = 2 is "farak" ;)
    • Berij: Berij is the last digit of how much the Jodi/match. (For example, if the pair is 69, 6+9 = 15, for instance, the last digit is 5; suggests Berij is 3;)

    Ans: All public Matka Play Recognize That Matka Is A Game Of Luck And Few People Believe That It Is The satta matka come Of Perfect Guessing. But In Our Words It Is The Game Of Both Fortune And Perfect Guessing. Satta Was Started 60 Years Ago By Matka King Ratan Khatri. And Now It Is Famous In The Worlds.

    Ans: SattaMatka Is Rummy In Different Types As Single Jodi And Patti. It Is Played As In Half Sangam Or Full Sangam Also. Matka Is The Singly Game Where You Can Earn Money In Very Less Time. It Is A Single Intermedium Open To Close One Digit Single Matka Ank. Jodi Implement - Both Figure Open And Close Figure Is Combined In As Jodi. Patti - When A Open Figure Or Close Figure Is Manifest In SattaMatka It Is Visible By 3 Digit Called Patti. The Total Of 3 Numbers Called Open And Close Also.

    Ans: Matka Digits Can Be Win By Getting Good Guesser Of Matka Professors Matka Boss. You Can Play Will By Playing 3 Or 4 Digit Daily Get Those Digits From Our Website That We Person On Our Free Matka Game Website.

    Ans: In the 1961 - 59 Years Ago Gamline Was Started By Ratan Khatri. The First Name Of Worli Matka. And It Fragments Its Peak On 1980s And 1990s. So Long As Then Matka Is Increasingly Very Fast. And Its A Greatly Lovingly And nutty By Players Where you Can Win And Rich Also As Playing.

    Ans: Single - Any digit between 0 to 9.
    jodi - any pair between 00 to 99.
    patti - the total of 3 digit in as open and close is called patti