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☞ यही रहो डायरेक्ट मटका कंपनी से रिजल्ट आयेगा



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Satta Matka Free Samaj Seva
Satta Matka Free Game Daily Guessing
हाँ दोस्तो फ्री सट्टा मटका अंक समाज सेवा से दैनिक यान्हा ही अपलोड और डेली पास होता हे
इशी फ्री सेवा का फ़ायदा उठा ने केलिये दैनिक आए

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Free Open To Close
Open: 3-8-0-(5) √
Jodi: 33-88-06-51
Panna: 337-233-145-(456) √
Passing: 5_close pass√ (456) √ close pana pass.

Time Bazar

Free Open To Close
Open: 3-8-(2)√-7
Jodi: 36-81-(27)√-72
Panna: 247-224-345-269
Passing: 2_open pass√, 27_jodi pass.

Madhur Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 4-9-1-6
Jodi: 46-91-19-64
Panna: 347-234-227-277

Milan Day

Free Open To Close
Open: (4)√-9-0-5
Jodi: (45)√-90-09-54
Panna: 130-180-127-267
Passing: 4_open pass√,

Rajdhani Day

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-(4)√-9
Jodi: 16-61-49-94
Panna: 128-367-347-379
Passing: 4_open pass√.


Free Open To Close
Open: (0)√-5-7-2
Jodi: 09-58-73-28
Panna: 370-113-467-246
Passing: 0_open pass√.


Free Open To Close
Open: 0-5-4-9
Jodi: 02-57-45-90
Panna: 488-348-446-469

Sridevi Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 1-6-0-5
Jodi: 10-65-01-56
Panna: 290-268-118-168

Madhur Night

Free Open To Close
Open: (0)√-5-4-9
Jodi: (05)√-50-49-94
Panna: 479-249-770-577
Passing: 0_open pass√, 05_jodi running.

Milan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 4-9-3-8
Jodi: 45-90-30-85
Panna: 347-234-157-170

Rajdhani Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 5-0-3-8
Jodi: 55-00-32-87
Panna: 267-127-490-459

Kalyan Night

Free Open To Close
Open: 3-8-4-9
Jodi: 39-84-48-93
Panna: 247-224-130-180


Free Open To Close
Open: 3-8-1-6
Jodi: 38-83-16-61
Panna: 166-116-560-600
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